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''Being a stay at home mom of 2 small children, I could never find the time to get my filing system in order. Suzanne was wonderful! She spent hours getting my files set up and organized stacks of papers that had been sitting around for months. Now when I need to find any important documents I know just where to look. My husband and I never would have found the time to do this ourselves and are very happy with the results. Excellent work!''

- Erica R., stay-at-home mom in Amherst, NH

''Suzanne has been balancing my checkbook every month for several years. She is a very well organized person and is excellent in her work. I'm very happy that she's taking care of my books.''

- Cato L., retired in Bedford, MA

''Suzanne really showed her professionalism and dependability by taking on the overwhelming task of organizing some of my company paper work which had been sitting for over a year. She deciphered, and asked appropriate questions when necessary. She worked quickly as requested. I will be recommending this service in the future.''

- Bill P., business owner in Chester, NH

''As a busy mom of three school-age children with lots of papers coming through the door each day, maintaining life's clutter has always been a challenge. Suzanne was very helpful in organizing and setting up a filing system. She helped me weed through stacks of clutter and offered filing solutions to assist in maintaining the paper flow.''

- Susan B., Acton, MA

''Suzanne waded through many piles and boxes of business, PTA, and personal paperwork. She brought order to the chaos, and filed things in a very comprehensive manner. It's really nice to be able to see my bedroom floor again! I find Suzanne to be very trustworthy and very good at organizing.''

- C.S., business owner and busy mom in Londonderry, NH