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Confidentiality Agreement

I understand that client information from any source and in any form is confidential
and is available to me solely for the performance of my requested services as owner
of Ducks in a Row, LLC. I shall protect the privacy and confidentiality of all
information to which I have access and shall use it solely for the performance of my
services to the client. I agree not to access client information outside of my
requested services, without documented authorization from the client.
  1. I will only access information that I need to do my job.
  2. I will protect the privacy of all client information.
  3. I will not show, tell, copy, give, sell, review, change or destroy
    any information in or obtained from the client unless it is a specific part
    of my job to do so. If it is my job to do any such task, I will follow the
    instructions given by the client (such as shredding confidential materials
    before discarding them).
  4. I will not misuse or be careless with confidential and sensitive information.
  5. I am responsible for my use or misuse of confidential information.
  6. I know that confidential information I may learn on the job is not my property.
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Suzanne E. Logcher            
Client Signature:__________________________ Date:__________________
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